Friday, April 01, 2005

Terry Schiavo R.I.P.

Terry Schiavo Posted by Hello

The epic controversial Schiavo case did not end yet despite Terry's passing yesterday, arguments concerning funeral decisions and arrangements for Terry Schiavo's remains still are ongoing. The right-to-life story, the biggest media spectacle since the Jack Kevorkian trial has drawn much attention in the recent weeks leading up to the decision to remove her feeding tube. Some saw it as a means to an end of her suffering. The Clint Eastwood film, Million Dollar Baby which was spoiled to the general public by the AP has shed light on the issue. The living will and testament a terminally ill person has the right to agree to is being held to scrutiny although circumstances may be different for some cases, yet the question of whether euthanasia is just or not is still puzzled over by politicians and lawmakers.


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