Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why John McCain Should Not Be Leader Of The Free World


10. He'll be 72 years old in a few months. The pressure and stress that comes along with being commander-in-
chief is likely to send him into a cardiac arrest.

9. Presidents need to travel constantly. Every week a new state, a new nation. All those road trips are likely to send him into a cardiac arrest.

8. McCain's unhealthy. A recent three-hour medical examination revealed he has kidney, skin, sleep and circulatory problems. This guy's going to need a government-based healthcare system the most.

7. John McCain sees an exit from Iraq by at least year 2013. With a U.S. economy that's progressively tanking, that means another trillion dollars for war.
That means $12 a gallon for fuel.

6. Congress is comprised of mostly democrats right now. More than half of the Senate doesn't support the Iraqi war. Conflict of interests. That sounds awfully familiar.

5. He's a hypocrite. He supports W's war yet he sees a need for energy conservation. The carbon emissions from a fleet of naval aircraft carriers alone represents the a
mount of carbon produced by the entire population of residents in Detroit, Michigan.

4. As Senator of Arizona, John McCain voted for legislature to repeal Dr. Martin Luther King Day as an observed holiday in 1990. If elected president, he promises not to repeal President's Day because working with Abraham Lincoln to form the Republican Party shaped his political career.

3. Journalists say his old guy smell is almost unbearable in warmer climates. (Just kidding, but this is probably true)

2. McCain takes many kinds of medications for health-related illnesses including Ambien for sleep aid. How's he going to wake up at 3 A.M. for the phone call?

and #1 ................. He simply is interested in furthering the Bush-Cheney foreign affairs agenda. By agenda that means a McDonalds in both Kabul and Fallujah by 2015.

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#4. IS SUPER FUNNY! good blog, dude!


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