Monday, May 02, 2005

Turning Thirty

There's that saying from the 1960's : Don't trust anyone over 30. My friend, let's call him Chad. He's turning 30 in a few weeks. Gathering from a convo we had, he's not thrilled about it. Which led me to think about this scenario. I will hit the 3-0 next year. It doesn't mean that much to me personally, but I know where he is coming from. There's something intangibly cool about being in your twenties. You are either a college student undergrad or you are just beginning your career. Once you turn 30 years old, you have reached a turning point where you begin to consider the possibilities of starting a family or a new business. In the world of hip-hop you are now a "vet" or "old school" or slightly irrelevant to some degree. Jay-Z allegedly "retired his mic" two years ago to start working on the behind the scenes business angle and he was only 33 or 34. So my point herein is, when you turn thirty years old, does your mindset and ideals begin to evolve? I know for a fact that once a dude turns 50 he is subject to a mid-life crisis. I was eyewitness to this when I worked for a firm 7 years ago. A computer administrator shaved his head and bought an old Camaro with a rebuilt engine. He even started rocking earrings to sadly hold onto his youth. His wife considered filing for divorce if he didn't sell the Camaro. I don't know about this, it seems too real because everyday I see an old dude in town with a Porsche Boxster. I don't know about turning 30 though, I guess I'll know come next September.


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