Monday, January 08, 2007

January Mostly Uneventful

The truth is, January is a mostly uneventful month aside from that big Sunday game at the end of the month and the occasional presidential inauguration. The only thing to really look for are the W-2 tax stubs your employer will have sent to you in the mail.

There is a somewhat highly politicized discussion whether breathalizers or a comparable system of detecting blood-alcohol levels in drivers will be made standard in all motor vehicles. The talk about some of these devices disengaging the ignition when the driver proves to be inebriated is not extreme in my opinion.

As I was driving south on the parkway last night, trying to change lanes because a woman decided to text message someone while doing 80, I gave it some thought.
Making these devices mandatory in all vehicles would do much more justice than just installing it in DUI offenders' vehicles. It would serve to be a true preventitive measure.
As I type this, I know there are probably a dozen or so companies working feverishly to be the one to have their brand name on the devices. Toyota has already produced a system that detects blood-alcohol levels from the sweat glands in the driver's hands. Any measure to reduce and remove the amount of careless and selfish destructive drunk drivers out there should be taken into consideration.