Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Carbon Neutrality. Not So Much With AT+T.

UNNECESSARY DISCLAIMER: No worries, this blog is in fact carbon neutral. Unless of course, if you decide to print it out.

(ripped smoothly from Yahoo News)

First iPhone Bills Arriving—and They're Pretty Heavy

Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:37PM EDT

Apple has modified its products as it attempts to build greener computers, but I think they forgot to tell AT&T about their latest environmental efforts. This weekend a few AT&T subscribers received their first iPhone bill inside inch-thick packages.

Ars Technica writers were among the first to complain about the size of their first iPhone bill, which would surprised even the most heavy Treo or Blackberry user. Apparently, the bills were 30-50 pages long, detailing every data transfer made on both sides of each page, and since iPhone users have unlimited data plans, all the recorded transactions amounted to a big fat zero.

Justine Ezarik captured her experience on video as she unwrapped her 300-page iPhone bill. She told Gizmodo, the bill accounted for almost 30,000 text messages and 200 minutes of talk time on her iPhone alone—I wonder if she holds a record? Lucky for her, the total bill was $274.81, which included activation charges. This obviously goes to show iPhone users are really taking advantage of their all-you-can-eat data plans.

While it's great that AT&T does a very thorough job in detailing every call and kilobyte exchange, do you really want to open a phone bill that's 300 pages long every month? Next time, AT&T should mention their online bill options to new subscribers. It might save a few trees.

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