Monday, October 01, 2007

OK Consumer

Radiohead have always been ahead of the curve. The British band that defies categorization - do you want to call them rock, alternative, prog-rock, electronic rock, is it that important? - have completed their seventh LP, titled 'In Rainbows'
How they are releasing it is truly next-level: either by digital download or fans can buy the
£40 disc-box set, complete with vinyl records, CDs, a digi-download and a book to be shipped out in the beginning of December.
The digital downloads will be offered on October 10 through
their proxy site. Note I used the word offered; consumers will be allowed to offer a price for the music plus one small transaction fee. This will most definitely set forth new challenges for the music industry. Somewhere on the planet, near the holidays the band will be enjoying the outcome.

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