Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Cell Phone Zone

An interesting yet disturbing phenonema has taken precedent in many parts of the globe. Much like any modern technological distraction, the cell phone and its user have become an entity unto itself. Next time you are on the interstate, freeway or major road and find the driver in front of you travelling 10-25 miles or kilometers below the speed limit wondering why they're slow, you might have entered the cell phone zone.

Some U.S. state governments have passed legislation outlawing the use of cell phones when driving. It remains to be seen how well it is being enforced. According to current statistics, automobile accidents caused by cell phones are on the rise. It hasn't surpassed the leading cause of accidents, DWIs and DUIs, yet it is leaving a strong enough impression to bring the attention of politicians and lawmakers respectively.

The cell phone zone can be alleviated with hands-free gadgetry such as headsets and speakerphone cradles, freeing up motorists from the cumbersome activity of driving with one hand.

The cell phone zone also works in a pedestrian context. Just like the iPod, the cell phone can bring its user into a state of minimal peripheral awareness. I've witnessed first-hand a slew of people looking down at the sidewalks they stroll. It's also a great justification to ignore salespeople and clerks.

What's more, some cell phones have ringtones. And when I say ringtones, I mean ridiculous self-fulfilling songs from "The Candy Shop" to "Clocks." I need to hear another one of these on the subway like I need another study by Morgan Spurlock.


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