Friday, January 23, 2009

The January Thaw

Something I recognized once was that January is typically an uneventful month - here in the States. It may be on a symbolic level; a new beginning (as far as the calendar makes it)
It may be the culmination of the previous year with the end of the holiday season, for all its greatness and woes, has forced us all to slow down. So we can work our way back to to it again.

I always take politicians words with a bag of salt. I learned this from my old man.
I was in junior high when Bush Sr. was running for President.
H.W.'s centerpiece campaign promise was, "Read my lips, no new taxes!"
He was elected for one term. Only to generate new taxes.

In the essence of time and importance, I'll leave it to that sole example.

I noticed something different this week. My Web news feeds used to have 2, maybe 3 - very predictable articles about the same U.S. governmental policies at work. The radio reported it similar, a few pieces on the stalemate positions, punctuated with some concern.
It's interesting to see those same news feeds - with now 4 to 6 articles on new, somewhat surprising executive moves:

Gitmo - otherwise known as Guantanamo Bay - in the beginning stages for shutdown.
Waterboarding, and all forms of interrogative torture methods - BANNED
Economic Stimulus - this one based on rebuilding U.S. infrastructure (highways, roads, bridges) - being written up for a bill as I type this

I have my feelings about all three of these major game-changers, but I want to hear some of yours. So leave a comment below.

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At 11:52 PM, Blogger You Don't Have to Love Me said...

Interesting point on January being fairly uneventful... Or perhaps we just have such high expectations going into the new year that everything seems to pale in comparison?

I'm glad to see that closing of Gitmo. While a prison like that may be needed, it is clear that our government lacks the ability to better supervise what is going on within its walls -- and I'm not referring to prisoner behavior. There are far too many shameful and haunting stories echoing within those cells...


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