Thursday, January 18, 2007

They (Quite Possibly) Will Run For President

They are in the media a lot these last few days. Appearing on morning news programs, releasing videos and statements about their possible bids for presidency. They are juicing their very own hype machines that will continue to grow as the stage is being set for a presidential election likely to have more issues to debate over than the history of a halfway house.

But why does a strong and charismatic personality like Senator Barack Obama need to form a presidential exploratory committee , which I think is a litmus test to his own popularity in the general public. Forming this committee is a brilliant idea because on one hand he is easing himself into the platform he will choose to run on without finalizing his decision to go for the presidency.

That gives people who aren't supporters some time to warm up to him and his politics. On the other hand, the committee can explore what's happening up on Capital Hill between the lobbyists, the other senators and folks who are in the middle of a bipartisan paradigm shift.

Hillary Clinton on the contrary, is going to have to really come on the campaign trail with some
fire. Even though she has much more experience in politics than Obama; she has done major work while husband Bill was in office for two terms and her Senate position in New York recently, she has a history that will be scrutinized by the Republican party.
There was the incident in the Oval Office between Bill and a government clerk involving a cigar.
There were pointed stands on issues, and botched attempts at gaining support for them.
It looks like Hillary has a lot to eat when she aims for the primary race.

Ultimately, these two folks are up against some serious odds. Obama needs to overcome the racial barrier while Hillary needs to take advantage of the relatively new concept of women in high political office; Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House setting the bar for more women to make major moves. Both Obama and Clinton have a lot of work to do, and sure enough they will.