Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ralph's Nadir and Clintonian Warfare

Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and perpetual political party-crasher has vowed to enter the '08 Presidential General Election Race. Nader cites both Democratic and Republican parties involvement with lobbyists and big business a good enough reason to run again. Democrats despise him, faulting him with stealing crossover votes and votes from independents. The GOP appreciate him, because he unravels the bipartisan system for the Democrats, forcing them to form different campaign strategies - enabling them to work harder for the other 9% of the vote.
But Ralph's nadir is his recent delusion to run for the highest office - he is as old as Sen. McCain and just as stubborn. And just as stubborn as McCain and Nader is Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has made just as many desperate attempts to influence voters why she is better than Sen. Barack Obama, who had a non-stop primary streak broken recently. Clinton has done exactly what she has called Obama out on in the smear tactics recently surfacing in Ohio. It boils down to a popularity contest that is contingent on more than mudslinging, more than the possibility of a Black male or female president. It boils down to character, and hopefully the public trust will not fall to betraying their better judgment. Do Americans truly want their country to resemble ancient China with revolving dynasties? Bush / Clinton / W. Bush / Mrs. Clinton: It's the same recipe just in a different package.