Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Retro Cartoon Post

In the 1980s, wonderful things began to happen when Japanese and American artists worked together. The Transformers. Voltron. G.I. Joe. And a little-known Saturday morning CBS cartoon called Galaxy High.
The premise: Two foreign exchange students travel to a different high school. One is a brilliant scholarship recipient, the other is a slacker jock. Both of them are from Earth, now attending a high school in outer space.
This is the first episode of the series, broken into 3 parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are You A Republican? The Republican Quiz!

Here's the best way to find out if you are a part of the Republican Party base.
Answer each of the questions and look at the bottom for the answer.

1. Do you believe it is our God-given right as Americans to bear arms?
[YES] [NO]

2. National Security means keeping our country safe from the terrorists.
[YES] [NO]

3. Do you believe women should not have a choice but to have their baby?

[YES] [NO]

4. I believe the wealthy should pay less taxes while the hard-working middle class should pay more taxes.
[YES] [NO]

5. It is of my strong conviction that all Muslim people are my enemies.
[YES] [NO]

6. It is of my strong conviction that all homosexual people are my enemies.
[YES] [NO]

7. I feel that we do not need to try new ways of using energy. We need to own new regions where oil is available, and hey - Nuclear power.
[YES] [NO]

8. Wars are unfortunate. Nobody wants to start them or go through them. I don't need to question anything about it because it's not happening in my country.
[YES] [NO]

9. Fear is not only a great motivator, but it gets people to do the things you want them to.
[YES] [NO]

10. Once it was the separation of church and state that made laws fair and equal. Now in order to be fair, an equal amount of churches need to support the state, not by law, but for their faith.
[YES] [NO]


If you answered 3 or more questions YES, then you are a Republican.
If you realized that there were only 2 questions, then you aren't a
Republican. You win a free 100% Cotton XXL Tee:

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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Top 10 Reasons Why John McCain Should Not Be The Leader Of The Free World (The Remix)

This week, the Twin Cities host the Republican National Convention to nominate John McCain as their presidential candidate. To be proactive this time around, the GOP have taken to issue statements and raise concerns about the imminent destruction of Hurricane Gustav. At this time it is unknown how many days of the RNC will be lost due to the emergency. But just like another emergency that happened 7 years ago, the relief effort and tactical preparations (which should always be expected to happen) will be subverted for political purposes.

3 months ago, the original 'Top Ten Reasons...' was posted here. This is the remix, the remix . . .


10. He's 72 years old. The pressure and stress that comes along with being commander-in-
chief is likely to send him into a cardiac arrest.

9. Presidents need to travel constantly. Every week a new state, a new nation. All those road trips are likely to send him into a cardiac arrest.

8. McCain's unhealthy. A recent three-hour medical examination revealed he has kidney, skin, sleep and circulatory problems. This guy's going to need a government-based healthcare system the most.

7. John McCain sees an exit from Iraq by at least year 2013. With a U.S. economy that's progressively tanking, that means another trillion dollars for war.
That means $12 a gallon for gas.

6. Congress is comprised of mostly Democrats right now. More than half of the Senate doesn't support the wars in the Middle East. A McCain Administration would only perpetuate more gridlocks in foreign policy.

5. He's a hypocrite. He supports W's war yet he sees a need for energy conservation. The carbon emissions from a fleet of naval aircraft carriers alone represents the a
mount of carbon produced by the entire population of New Jersey.

4. As Senator of Arizona, John McCain voted for legislature to repeal Dr. Martin Luther King Day as an observed holiday 25 years ago. If elected president, he promises not to repeal President's Day because working with Abraham Lincoln to form the Republican Party shaped his political career.

3. Journalists say his old guy smell is almost unbearable in warmer climates. (Just kidding, but this is probably true)

2. McCain takes many kinds of medications for health-related illnesses including Ambien for sleep aid. How's he going to wake up at 3 A.M. for the phone call?

and #1 ................. He simply is interested in furthering the Bush-Cheney foreign affairs agenda. By agenda that means a McDonalds in both Kabul and Fallujah by 2015.

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