Monday, April 28, 2008



As the propagating misinformation machine, FOX NEWS continues to further the agenda of the neo-cons, the Democratic Party might have to lighten up. As the race for the presidency gruels on for the Dems between Obama and Clinton, Republican candidate John McCain is good for taking shots at the frontrunner Obama and the underdog Clinton for their embroiled feud that no one really cares to watch anymore. Clinton wants to debate Obama as Obama's sights are more proactive in that he wants to debate McCain in October.
Wouldn't it be funny and parodical if Senator Obama poked fun at FOX NEWS for their greasy efforts of trying to equate his middle and last name with fundamentalist Muslims? For all those viewing this blog from outside the States, this did happen earlier this year. It became the archetype for all the current questions regarding his patriotism and religious beliefs. Obama could have a little fun and throw an apostrophe between the first two letters of his surname to obscure the difference between him and McCain.
What I have vowed to do as a result of overkill is to distance myself from delving into coverage of the primaries and caucuses simply because at this point it's like watching a baseball game go into the fifth extra inning. I just want it to end already. But Americans love their excess, and this is yet another ongoing story that can be milked for all the news coverage a camera crew and a satellite feed can bring to the homes of those who have to be told what to believe and feel for.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oil, Gas & Old Men With No Class


First the NYC cops responsible for the death of Sean Bell are acquitted , and now the two old-timers who wheeled their expired friend into a check-cashing spot to collect on his Social Security money have been cleared of all charges. The two opportunists - featured above, did not kill their friend. Rather they concocted the scheme when they realized he wouldn't be needing the money. Their defense lawyer claimed it was an isolated incident for the two men who had no prior convictions.

In other news, if you are planning to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend for a vacation getaway, or just to find cheaper gas - you can bet your mortgage that you will be dropping close to $4 for a gallon. It makes no sense to post the current price of a drum of crude oil because within a week or two it's going to change. The U.S. media does no service to explore why this is happening - it's clear the information would damage the integrity of the Bush administration. Haha , I said the Bush administration has integrity.

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